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Seminar with Isabella von Weissenberg and Jim Elli – June 23


Full day seminar+training with IPF Champion Isabella von Weissenberg.

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We are proud to announce that S&S will be hosting a full day event with IPF Champion Isabella Von Weissenberg and Jim Elli from RTS!

If you aren’t familiar with Isabella, here are just a few of her recent accomplishments:

  • 2x European Champion
  • 3x World Championship medalist
  • 2018 200kg squat world record

Jim Elli is a coach with Reactive Training Systems. RTS is on a mission to provide practical and methodical powerlifting knowledge to athletes who are serious about reaching the next level in powerlifting.


9:00am –  12:00pm

Seminar and Q&A with Isabella von Weissenberg and Jim Elli.

1:00pm – 5:00pm

Hands on training session and closing Q&A.

The training session will be limited to the first 25 people.



—– Full schedule —–

9.00-10.30AM: Developing Your Powerlifting Mindset with Isabella von Weissenberg

An in depth presentation on Isabella’s background story, her lifting approach, personal experiences and gained knowledge, including:

– Mental skills training and it’s practical implementation
– Goal setting
– Competition mindset
– Strategies for maintaining high levels of motivation
– Handling setbacks
– Managing emotions and performance anxiety

10:40-12:00PM: Powerlifting Training Principles with Isabella von Weissenberg and RTS coach Jim Elli

Learn how Isabella is coached and trained by Reactive Training Systems and the theory behind her massive gains:

– Powerlifting Training Principles
– Utilizing RPE and Auto-Regulation
– In Depth Analysis of Isabella’s Training
– Exercise Selection
– Programming
– The Coaching Process

12:00-1:00: Q & A

1:00-2:00: Lunch

2:00: 5:00PM:
Training Session with RTS Coach Jim Elli and Isabella Von Weissenberg

– Demonstration on squat, bench and deadlift by Isabella
– One on one coaching for each lift
– Technique analysis
– Specific exercise recommendations to improve future training

5:00-5:30pm: Closing Q&A


For more information please contact or give us a call at 561 701 0405.

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Q&A, Theory and 1 on 1 Technique Work, Seminar (Half Day), Seminar and Lunch, Seminar and Training (Full Day), Seminar and Training (Full Day) and Lunch

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